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March 7th, 2005
02:13 am


pay for music?? RIIIGHT
so we went to west hollywood and ate some food and went to amoeba yesterday? the day before? i dont even know. but yeah, i walked around amoeba mentally noting cd's i need to download. i haven't paid for music in years. and i don't feel bad about it okay, jerks! paying for music is something NIKOLE AND DANI DO. i took pictures of crap but i never spend more than 5 seconds on this thing SO TOO BAD FOR YOU ALL.

also, dani owned our asses all over the place at mario party. at least this time i won the fucking cheating computer. GOD.

i spent like 80 dollars in like 1 1/2 days on what i'm pretty sure was just food. SO MUCH EXPENSIVE FOOD TO BE EATEN. also, fred durst didn't come to kareoke with karina and gael on friday. but joe peshi was playing pool. and some guy who kept saying "MY NAME IS MARTEEEN, I'M MEXICAN, BUT YOU CAN CALL ME MARTIN!" he bought me a buttery nipple shot and kept asking my name over and over because he was too drunk to remember he'd just asked it. he also sang oasis' "don't look back in anger." it was.. not very good.. at all.

also, more pictures of hilarious people from that night to come.. LATER. i'll just make some random 500 picture post when i get home or something.

and dani and i have noticed that no matter where we go people always fucking talk to me. like walmart, 3am, the stock guy talks to me. it doesn't matter, tonight i went in walgreens to get fucking detangling spray because dani's shower is murdering my hair and this chick in the hair spray aisle strikes up a conversation with me. it's like, there must be something about me that just gives off "i want you to talk to me or tell me your life story" vibes. i seriously, EVERYWHERE I GO, NO MATTER WHAT PART OF THE WORLD... i think it's because they all want my hot hot transformers watch and are just trying distract me so they can lift it when i'm not paying attention! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG.

brad is buying us food tomorrow. we're going to eat the entire resturaunt, okay. EAT IT.

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Date:March 11th, 2005 08:34 am (UTC)
Are you guys coming to karaoke???
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